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Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz

Published: 15 September 2007


  1. jacqueline says:

    where can i buy the banrock station sparkling shiraz? – Both Asda and Tesco used to stock it in my area (great yarmouth) – but now i cant find it anywhere!

    4 November 2009
  2. emma says:

    I know its annoying! sainsburys do a sparkling shiraz by jacobs creek which almost exactly same, or waitrose sell it

    22 November 2009
  3. lisa says:

    Hi jacqueline, i have just found your comment whilst searching on the internet for stockists of this wine. I also love the banrock station sparkling shiraz and like you were able to buy it at tesco,sainsburys and asda. I don’t understand why they don’t stock it anymore,maybe it wasn’t very popular? The only place i can find it is at waitrose and it is a little more expensive there. The jacobs creek sparkling shiraz (widely available) doesn’t even come close! Some of my friends prefer to drink the banrock chilled but i prefer it slightly warmed up as it enhances the gorgeous berry flavours-delicious!

    28 December 2009
  4. Edward says:

    The only other place that might do it is Booths (which is mainly in the North West). Store finder is here. You can find it online at Everywine.co.uk (which is part of Booths).

    29 December 2009
  5. Bec says:

    I think it might be out of season, as Waitrose have also run out…

    22 February 2010
  6. Edward says:

    I think it’s still available to buy online at Waitrose. So hopefully they’ll have it back in store at some point soon.

    23 February 2010
  7. Pam says:

    I’ve emailed waitrose about this, but they say that Banrock station sparkling shiraz has been discontinued. Maybe if enough people ask about it, they might bring it back. In the meantime can anyone suggest a good alternative (that is available)

    9 August 2010
  8. Edward says:

    A quick search on Google came up with this: thedrinkshop.com which has a Peter Lehmann Sparkling Shiraz – quite pricey though. Otherwise, here are all the Sparkling Shiraz’s on Everywine.co.uk

    9 August 2010
  9. freckles says:

    i heard too from Waitrose today that Banrock Station sparkling shiraz is now discontinued, cannot believe it! its our favourite wine for special occasions!!!! I knew i should have bought a case load, pah!

    10 August 2010
  10. Pam says:

    www.drinksdirect.co.uk seems to have a few sparkling shiraz wines – not banrock station though

    26 August 2010
  11. Sandra says:

    I have also been looking for this lovely wine. Banrock Station still produce it according to their website. I will be writing to Waitrose too.

    This Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz is deep red in colour with crimson hues. The bouquet of lifted Shiraz berry fruit is reminiscent of mulberry and plum, with light oak giving a background of sweet coconut. The palate shows intense dark berry fruit with a luscious texture, and is balanced by lightly toasted oak. An excellent tannin structure and fresh acidity gives the Sparkling Shiraz good persistence.


    2 September 2010
  12. cindy says:

    I have been to my local waitrose to ask about this wine. There has been a problem with banrock stations quality of grape which has meant they have not produced the wine for a little while and to date there has been no indication that the problem has been sorted

    2 November 2010
  13. Mike says:

    I also love this wine, nothing else comes close was going to get some in for Christmas & New Year!! Not going to be the same now

    8 December 2010
  14. Paula says:

    I too have been on the hunt for this lovely wine but without success, so I have this week contacted Banrock Station and this is their response: “Unfortunately Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz has been discontinued in UK. Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz was discontinued as a result of the supermarket chains de-listing this product, not due to quality, but due to low volumes going through their stores. Although Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz may have been more successful in different parts of the UK, unfortunately at this stage, there are no plans to ship this product back into UK, as there is not enough volume to warrant the shipping requirements. We suggest a comparable product would be Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz Rose which is available in most major supermarkets in UK”.

    I reckon we need a Facebook campaign to bring it back!

    9 December 2010
  15. Maria says:

    I am gutted. I searched last year and again this year, now I know why I can’t find it!! I am guilty in that I only bought it for special occassions too. Paula, have you set up a Facebook campaing yet as I will join? And I will have more ‘special occassions’ in future, if it comes back to us.

    9 December 2010
  16. deb & doug says:

    Please please lets get a campaign going the rose is nowhere near as good!!

    9 December 2010
  17. Mike says:

    Hi this is Mike from supermarketwine.com

    We’re delighted your posting such great comments. We’ll help in any way we can and we’ll certainly join a facebook campaign. I’ll also see if we can get any joy from Tesco and others. Let’s get Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz back on the shelf!


    10 December 2010
  18. Paula says:

    I am more than happy to set up a Facebook campaign!! In the meantime, try Jacobs Creek Sparkling Shiraz. It’ll put you on until the good stuff is back!

    11 December 2010
  19. Pam says:

    I’ve now tried Jacob’s Creek but even that’s hard to find and its not as good as Banrock Station. I might even join facebook for a Banrock Station campaign

    12 December 2010
  20. Victoria says:

    I am so disappointed…we must get a campaign going on facebook!!!

    12 December 2010
  21. Paula says:

    I have set up a Facebook Campaign. Search for Bring Back Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz or find under the email address: bringbackbanrockstation@groups.facebook.com

    14 December 2010
  22. Mike says:

    Hi Paula,

    I tried to find the Facebook Campaign to join but was unable to actually join it or find it. Is there any chance you can post a direct link to this so we can all see it.



    14 December 2010
  23. Paula says:

    I’ll try, if I can work out how to do it!

    15 December 2010
  24. Paula says:

    Everyone should be able to find the page now on Facebook.

    15 December 2010
  25. PAUL says:

    Come on all you Banrock Station sparkling red devotees,back this campaign up and get them to import this beautiful wine again.

    15 December 2010
  26. Di Fawbert says:

    ‘Bring Back Banrock’, life’s celebrations not the same without this wonderful wine!

    18 December 2010
  27. Jilly says:

    Gutted Waitrose no longer stock this.
    I’ve joined you on Facebook.

    22 December 2010
  28. john says:

    Life just got a bit sadder, as we are unable to celebrate New Year with Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz. There must be a wine merchant out there who is prepared to source supplies, even if limited, I am prepared to pay a premium for the sheer pleasure!

    31 December 2010
  29. Ali says:

    Am interested in this post as here in Australia we have bountiful supplies of beautiful sparkling reds. They were rare here 10-12 year ago but have been very popular since the mid 00’s. As my Mother in the UK laments very few are available in the UK. I see you can get Wyndham Bin 555 at some online stores and would definitely recommend that over either the Jacob’s creek or the Banrock we have available here (Export quality is often better than domestic so your Banrock may be different). If you ever get the opportunity (friend going to Aussie or something) I would recommend trying Mr Morris Sparkling Durif (one of the original sparkling reds here)and sparkling reds by Wise Wines (WA), Hollicks (SA) and Katnook (SA). Meanwhile goodluck with your campaign

    3 January 2011
  30. Hilary says:

    My husband and I have just opened our very last bottle and what a pleasure it was. It has to be the very best sparkling shiraz in the world. We shared it over a plate of, wait for it-
    corned beef hash!sorry sorry sorry, but I have to say that it suited the dish beautifully. What are we all going to do without it? The Rose is not a substitute at all, I hate the pink stuff regardless of who made it. Please Mr Banrock Station keep the Ashes in exchange for the bubbles. I really really love Australia, honest. Love from Hilary x

    6 January 2011
  31. Suki says:

    I loved this wine so much and have been searching for it for the last 18 months, but to no avail. We had the Wyndham Estate (I think)version on Christmas Day, but it wasn’t a patch on the Banrock! I’ll look for the Facebook campain. I need this wine and miss it so much!!

    14 January 2011
  32. Iain says:

    Stumbled across this forum while searching for a stockist of Banrock.We now drink the (not as good)Wyndham Estate wine which Morrisons sell.This is also available in Makros cash & carry for about 40% less.

    3 February 2011
  33. Edward says:

    Has anyone tried this wine – Gran Casali Lambrusco Grasparossa – which is a sparkling red? It’s got a good review, but it’s currently out of stock.

    15 February 2011
  34. Chrissy says:

    I wish I had tried the Banrock because I love both the Jacobs Creek and Wynham Estate. Any news about how, where, who we badger in order to get it?

    16 February 2011
  35. Becky says:

    Ive been struggling to find any sparkling shiraz for the last couple of xmases. Its strange because at home in britain i love it warm at christmas. And yet in oz i drink it chilled in the summer. I wish we could get rumballs sparkling shiraz over here. I’d be happy with banrock station though as a close second and a cheaper alternative. Will join the facebook campaign!!

    29 March 2011
  36. abby says:

    can i get this wine in indonesia…???
    please answer my question to my rmail address…

    11 April 2011
  37. Ray says:

    Laithwaites do a sparkling Shiraz called Tomahawk.. It’s well worth a try.Still not as good as Banrock though.

    19 April 2011
  38. Sharron says:

    My favourite wine, use to by in Tesco and then Waitrose, who told me they had stop stocking it due to quality issues, and they would be stocking it again. However if you are in France I bought a case at Cheers in Calais in December (£5.00 a bottle), only wish I had brought more.

    24 April 2011
  39. Gerry says:

    I am in agreement with you all. I searched for ages to no avail to find the Banrock Sparkling Shiraz. I just love it. I have one bottle left which I am treasuring!! I only wish I had known before it was going to be stopped I would have stocked up. I was told that it wasnt a good year and no more had been produced but obviously not. Yes we must get it back I shall go on facebook

    26 April 2011
  40. Lynn says:

    just stumbled on this site and all my worst fears confirmed – no more Banrock Sparkling Shiraz! I have been searching for ages for it since Waitrose stopped stocking it. Will sign in to Facebook right now ….

    4 May 2011
  41. Nemesis says:

    Just opened my last bottle of this last weekend. Searching to re-stock and found this website. Gutted.. would have saved it…

    20 May 2011
  42. Julie says:

    Wyndham Estate Binn 555 available at Morrisons is fab but pricey x

    30 June 2011
  43. jean says:

    have tried a couple of wine merchants for this beautiful wine to no avail. it is the only red wine i found palateable. please bring it back.

    3 July 2011
  44. jenny baldwin says:

    we too have been searching for this. we are going to our local park this afternoon to listen to the band,bacon butty, last bottle [hope not] rittual 6 times a year

    17 July 2011
  45. Colin Charlton says:

    Well I thought I was the only Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz orphan, but you are all here ! When will we be reunited ? nothing comes near to it. I use to have to buy at least two at a time so one could go in the fridge to drink in perfection. miss you

    27 July 2011
  46. Linda says:

    I’ve just discovered this site and am glad it’s not just me searching for my most favourite wine, I will plead with my local Waitrose to bring it back!

    21 October 2011
  47. Carol says:

    I have been searching for Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz for the last two years, it was our treat to order a case of wine from Waitrose in November ready for Christmas as a treat for ourselves and family. I, like many of you wish I had purchased a few bottles while it was available to keep us going, Come on Waitrose , do the decent thing !!

    26 October 2011
  48. Karen says:

    I am devastated. Nothing comes close to Banrock and I cannot believe there is not a single stockist out there. I will have a word with my local Off Licence (they have an ecclectic mix in there) and ask if he would be prepared to stock if we all bought on line!!! :0)

    9 November 2011
  49. elaine says:

    I searched for ages for this scrummy wine, which I used to drink on a regular basis. Wanted some for my 60th birthday. Even got in touch with Banrock pleading to reintroduce, but last email just ignored! I really haven’t found any other wine that comes close to it

    10 November 2011
  50. Mick says:

    I too searched high and low for my favourite red but to no avail. But a short trip across the channel solved my problem. I’ve never seen so many boxes. The words ‘kid’ and ‘candyshop’ springs to mind.

    So those living in the southeast and London should give it a go, its doesn’t cost much on a ferry (£20) and you can kill 2 birds with one stone buy stocking up for christmas

    17 November 2011
  51. Helen Page says:

    This can be bought from www.booze.ie in Ireland but it’s 17 euros a bottle and I didn’t check out the postage! I’m off to France in December so will try and get some then!

    22 November 2011
  52. Steve D says:

    Drunk this superb wine in large quantities in the past. Bought from Sainsburys, but when they stopped placing on the shelves, we went onto other sparkling wines. Nothing beats this fine wine for a mouthful of pleasure. Next stop Facebook….. bring back BSSS.

    6 January 2012
  53. Morag M says:

    Used to love this wine and always bought a couple of bottles for my birthday, have been searching for quite sometime for stockists

    24 January 2012
  54. James Corbett says:

    I’ve recently been to France,in search of my favorite wines, but can no longer find BSSS which used to sell out regulary at all super markets previously mentioned so IT WAS POPULAR I bought cases at a time but sainsburys and waitrose simply can’t be bothered to order more for whatever reason? I truly wish someone else made something similar but no-one does….GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE TRYING

    1 February 2012
  55. Marie Nye says:

    Where is it??? been searching for some time. Its a lovely wine and very popular. Stock it someone please.

    1 March 2012
  56. BeCa Mex says:

    HI, i live in mexico, i have 3 bottle of Banrock Station (The reserve) Sparkling Shiraz.

    7 September 2012
  57. barney says:

    I got in touch with the Vineyard, directly and also spoke with their HQ in the Uk, they no longer import this as they say it was not viable,i have since sourced another if not better, called Tomahawk from Laithwaites, also found a McQuigan Black label sparkling red Shiraz, slightly deeper in flavour

    18 September 2012
  58. Ste clarke says:

    Last time I seen it was on a cross channel ferry between Dover and Calais in the duty free but that was December 2009. Anyone know if they still have it on board?

    18 November 2012
  59. Steve says:

    not surprised so many are seeking this wine…perfect for the garden in the sunshine. thanks Barney (did you go to Barney like me though?) for the suggestions. I must write to the vineyard and tell them to catch themselves on!

    5 June 2013
  60. Lisa says:

    Thx Barney, I will give them a try, but I have bought a different name from Morrisons a few yra ago, but no comparison in taste.
    If anyone has had any luck with finding this wine, could you please put your comment on here.
    Many Thanks, Lisa…

    31 August 2013
  61. Pete says:

    I have fond memories of this wine, which i have not seen anywhere for at least 3 to 4 years .I have certainly not tasted anything that even comes close to it. I am sure its un availability is due to a falling out between the Supermarkets and the Vintners over price what ever!

    29 October 2013
  62. Sheila says:

    We want it back on Supermarket shelves please. Its a gorgeous, a really brilliant idea and an unusual change for Red Wine lovers.

    31 March 2014
  63. Jane Shannon says:

    Im gutted thought i was the only one who missed this wine seems i was wrong lol

    24 July 2014
  64. Barry Gower says:

    The first sparkling shiraz that I was introduced to came from Charlie Melton’s stable in Australia and their became my first love affair with this wonderful combination of sparkling berries. I have since enjoyed to a slightly lesser degree sparkling shiraz from Bannock Station from Waitrose (which has since been unavailable for years). Last month I thought that I’d found another one called Fork and Spoon (Aldi) which has also been delisted. Like everyone else it looks as if Jacobs Creek is our only but in my opinion

    2 September 2018
  65. Chris & Paul Lang says:

    Another Two Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz massive fans here. Such a shame we cannot find this wonderful wine and looks like we are going to have to try some of the others mentioned as appears to be no progress in getting it back here in the YK. We live in hope!

    6 December 2018

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