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2006 Château Rival-Bellevue Bordeaux Supérieur, Bordeaux

Published: 3 December 2008


  1. Wallis says:

    mmm well, if you told me it should have not been opened till 2012, then I would have been inclined to believe you. Currently it has nothing to offer and I am not sure it would be worth the wait. If you must drink it now…hold your nose

    4 January 2009
  2. Wallis says:

    and further, Jane MacQWuitty,s preposterous comments (just read) that wine making should be driven by the uneducated tastes of the average drinker, (tastes nurtured by new world prospectors more interested in revenue in an untapped market than enological excellence) reveal her to be the last person you should listen to and the First Ignoramus of Wine.

    4 January 2009
  3. stevanovitch says:

    Ignore the snobbish comments of Wallis (he/she is obviously far too educated in wine to be posting on a supermarket wine site, anyway). This is an enjoyable wine. No need to hold your nose, either.

    12 January 2009

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