Tesco’s Diamond Jubilee Cava

Published: 19 May 2012


  1. Martin says:

    NOTE the reviewer in teh Telegraph HATES this wine.

    Tesco’s Diamond Jubilee Cava is reduced from £14.99 to £6, and think it a bargain. Think again. I have tasted this wine and it is absolutely revolting.
    Really soapy – like having little divots of Imperial Leather stuck around your mouth. Horrible.

    22 May 2012
  2. mrs m crowley says:

    My husband and I could not believe how disgusting this wine tasted. I thought at first that the degreaser from my mountain bike cleaning had sprayed into my mouth. However rinsing several times it was the wine that tasted of a strange solvent-like substance. It is truly revolting and we are returning the almost un-drunk bottle.

    22 May 2012
  3. Edward says:

    @Martin, @mr m crowley I’m very sorry for this mishap. You’re absolutely right, this wine has not been recommended. I’ve removed the buy link and changed the tasting notes. This wine will be removed in the near future, which means your comments will disappear. Many thanks for pointing this out.

    22 May 2012

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