Tesco Cava Brut NV

Tesco Cava Brut NV

Published: 16 May 2015

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  1. Carol Kemp says:

    Have purchased this wine for several years and found it’s quality very changeable!

    When good it has a clean fruity taste with honeycomb, when poor it’s lacking body, is harsh, acidic and can have a taint varying from slight to strong. I would say the wine had been exposed to organisms which produced the off flavour.

    When good it is a treat on it’s own served chilled. When poor it isn’t worth drinking!

    I’m suprised at a note on the lable saying once open drink within 2 hours! I only buy this wine occasionally now due to it’s being unreliable – such a shame as can be excellent!

    1 September 2015

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