Marq The Fatted Otter Red Blend 2006

Published: 17 September 2008

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  1. Dave Hood says:

    Tesco:MARQ The Fatted Otter, Red blend 2006 £8.19

    Not posted for a while, nothing really remarkable to share. This one however, got me salivating.

    Very earthy and sturdy. Grassy and vanilla and mint undertones. Lovely full and sweet berry fruit, not cloying. Rasperry ripple in a glass.

    Reminds me of an Aussie wine, Marananga Dam from M&S …only this one is about £1.80 cheaper a bottle.

    Will be looking out for promotions and discounts …. will buy case or say 6 of these no bother at all.

    3 October 2008

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