Gran Tesoro Garnacha 2011

Published: 22 July 2012

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  1. Phil White says:

    I can no longer find Gran Tesoro on Tesco’s selves, but it seems to have reappeared as Tesco Simply Garnacha, now priced at £4.49, still very good value.

    27 October 2012
  2. Richard Beechey says:

    That is correct – it’s the same wine. The original Gran Tesoro has now appeared on the shelf at Morrison – £ 4.29 a bottle.This is surely one of the greatest sub £5.00 red wine to ever grace the shelves of UK super markets !!!

    27 November 2012
  3. Richard Patterson says:

    I agree best red under a fiver but Morrisons have stopped selling it now.
    Where can I now buy it??

    17 January 2014
  4. Richard Beechey says:

    Tesco “Simply Garnacha” as mentioned above is exactly the same wine from the same producer as mentioned above. Now £ 4.79 a bottle, but still absolutely superb value ! Shame it has disappeared from Morrisons, as it was an even lower price there.

    14 March 2014

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