Baron de Ley Graciano 2009

Published: 13 April 2012

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  1. h says:

    hi just opened a bottle of this,about an hour ago. Each sniff and sip!,introduces an ever more floral,violets and chunky tannin backbone,with a slight blackcurranty edge. Very clean fruit rather than oak after taste.
    Similar to carignan with its floral and fruit bouquet. Lovely deep crimson colour, and sin of sins! Am drinking it without food. So am certain flavours would be even more enhanced. Find the wine well worth trying,if like many you wish to sample an increasingly rare, indigenous varietal. And that is why, although at the top end of my budget, i wanted to try it. Enjoy along with counoise, and schioppettino, many of the portuguese varietals and if anyone could let me know,an asda wine from about 10 years ago,by nine pines winery, chambourcin. Australian winery who made this french hybrid one of my top five reds,ever. H

    30 April 2012

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