2001 Castillo San Lorenzo Rioja Gran Reserva, Spain

Published: 13 March 2010


  1. Mrs S M Brown says:

    Wish to order this wine, but it says £4.99 as in Times Article Sat 13th but comes up as £9.99 in shopping basket

    14 March 2010
  2. Edward says:

    Unfortunately it looks like the discount is only available in store. I’ll flag it up as this. Sorry for the confusion.

    14 March 2010
  3. D Mercer says:

    I tried to buy 6 bottles of this at Tesco Chorley (Lancashire) this afternoon. It was on the shelf at £14.35, on asking at customer services i was greeted by a customer services lady who was very offhand and rude, she said that she had been inundated today,it was the times mistake and that ‘She’ would not be honouring it at that price and it is nothing to do with Tesco.

    14 March 2010
  4. Edward says:

    Thanks for the update. There is definitely some confusion over which Castillo San Lorenzo is offer (if there is one at all). The 2001 Castillo San Lorenzo is £13.63 online the unknown vintage Castillo San Lorenzo is available online at £9.49. I’m going to remove the buy now link and again flag up that there is confusion over which wine is on offer. I’ll also try to get clarification from The Times and Tesco.

    We’ll keep this wine live so others can read the comments. Thanks for all the updates. And I’m very sorry for any trouble caused.

    14 March 2010
  5. M Harman says:

    The Castillo San Lorenzo Rioja Reserva 2004 is on offer: http://www.tesco.com/wine/product/details/default.aspx?searchBox=lorenzo&id=256990990

    15 March 2010
  6. j.sells says:

    D. Mercer obviously shops at the wrong Tesco! I called in at the Solihull branch today,the wine on the shelf was priced at £14.35, but when I approached customer services,with the “Times” cutting, the assistant could not have been more helpful, and I purchased 6 bottles(all that were left on the shelf) for £4.99 each plus £1.50 discount for 6 bottles. I am drinking the wine now….umm !

    15 March 2010
  7. Edward says:

    Ok, things are obviously moving a bit. Firstly, The Times have delisted the 2001 Castillo San Lorenzo Reserva from their website. They’ve also removed at least one comment about it.

    When the article was posted, the 2004 Castillo San Lorenzo was available online at its normal price. And I duly flagged up that the discount wasn’t available online. Now, strangely, it is available online at the offer price of £4.74 (and hopefully £4.99 in store – if anyone can verify?).

    What’s still not clear is whether The Times review was really for the 2001 or the 2004.

    Anyway, well done to J Sells for getting the 2001 at the absolutely bargain price of £4.99 – and hats off to Solihull Tesco for honouring the price.

    15 March 2010
  8. Chris says:

    Yes the 2004 Reserva is available in store at £4.99, well it is at New Malden.

    16 March 2010
  9. Paul W says:

    The 2004 Reserva is indeed available in the Aldershot store at £4.99 by the box full near the entrance – but only for the next 1hr 50 minutes at this price!

    16 March 2010
  10. Edward says:

    I tried to add a comment to the article on The Times yesterday. But either it’s been rejected or it’s still being moderated. So now I’ve written to the Editor (I’d write to Jane MacQuitty, but can’t find a way to do that) asking for clarification and why the wine is no longer mentioned in the online article and why at least one comment has been removed. I’ll post an update if I get a response.

    17 March 2010
  11. Joyce A says:

    I sent an email to your customer service dept.on 15.3.10 no reply as yet but, reading the comments on this site there seems to be some confusion as to whether it is Tesco or the Times at fault. My store in Yeovil did honour the offer and sold me the 2004 at £4.99. it was on their shelf priced £9.99. Still waiting for Tesco reply to my email.

    17 March 2010
  12. Edward says:

    This big news is that I’ve had a reply from Jane MacQuitty. Here’s what she says:

    “Unfortunately, Tesco’s Press Department mistakenly sent me the 2001 Castillo San Lorenzo Rioja Gran Reserva for tasting, and then confirmed verbally and in writing that it would be on special offer, when in fact the deal was only going to apply to the lesser 2004 Castillo San Lorenzo Reserva.”

    “In recognition of their error, Tesco agreed to honour the £4.99 price as mentioned in The Times on Saturday, but only until the evening of Wednesday March 17th. The shelf marker should have been altered to reflect this. However if it is not, if you take the wine to the till, the promotion price should be flagged up. Ask to speak to the manager and mention The Times article if it does not checkout at £4.99.”

    So the really big news is if you get down to Tesco you can the 2001 for the absolutely bargain price of £4.99. But you have to do it today!

    Thank you to Jane MacQuitty for clearing up the matter and thank you to Tesco for being such good sports.

    17 March 2010
  13. Joyce A says:

    Thank you for your prompt reply to my comments. On visiting your Chard store on the evening of the 17th March the only Castillo San Lorenzo wine on offer for £4.99 was the 2004 not the 2001

    18 March 2010
  14. Edward says:

    @Joyce A – Sorry you missed out. You had to take the 2001 to the checkout to get the £4.99 price. Tesco were honouring the price, but not flagging it up. I did mention this in my previous comment. Unfortunately it was only available yesterday.

    Also, I just need point out that Tesco and Supermarketwine.com are not related in any way. Supermarketwine.com is completely independent.

    18 March 2010

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