Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Amarone 2009 (Italy)

Published: 9 June 2012


  1. jan stafford says:

    Sorry so sorrty . . . such a disappointment full of vanilla over sweet and sickly the epitome of a new word whine, could be chilean, argentinian or australian they have all come from the same batch of wine cordial, tis unfortunate that a whole generation has been brought up on fast (food) wine in for mega profit great if you like that whine juice flavour but it really shouldn’t be more than 1.99 a sachet, Hey if it came in a powder, would it be cheaper, must speak to kool-aid U.S. of A !

    1 January 2013
  2. Gareth says:

    Not sure if the previous review is for the same wine I had – but the 2008 vintage is superb.

    Amarone is traditionally sweet due to using partially dried grapes. I’ve tried a few of these sub £20 Amarone and nothing comes close to this – many modern styles have a very small percentage of dried grapes so lack the intensity of the more traditional ripasso wines from the area.
    Beautiful rich cherry like sweetness with a good balance of oak and tannins.

    Ideal just as wine to sip in front of a fire – pretend it’s a less ott version of port.

    Does need decanting due to the high alcohol and really lasts for weeks if you keep it airtight in the fridge.

    28 March 2013

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