2008 Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Pinotage, Western Cape, Citrusdal Winery, South Africa

Published: 13 March 2010


  1. A Lord says:

    This is my favourite wine. I’ve bought it in Sainsbury’s for several years but can’t find it now either online or instore. Does anybody know the reason or whether it’s going to be available again?

    11 February 2011
  2. Edward says:

    I don’t what’s happening with this wine, but I do know that Sainsbury’s have brought out a Taste the Difference version made by the same winery (Citrusdal). You can find it on their website either by following this link or by searching for “Pinotage” from their homepage. Looks like it’s on offer (but still pricier than the one you’ve been buying).

    15 February 2011

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