2006 Tintara Horseshoe Row Shiraz, McLaren Vale

Published: 10 June 2007


  1. andz says:

    Brought this wine after reading Tim Atkin
    Sunday June 10, 2007
    The Observer
    I’m not necessarily against high-alcohol wines, as long as they are in balance. Try the rich, smoky, blackberryish 2006 Tintara Horseshoe Row Shiraz, McLaren Vale (£6.99, Sainsbury’s)

    got it for £2 off
    so should have been a bargin!

    too much alcohol too harse tastes of cherrys and leather spice
    nearly took it back to sainsburys for a bottle of vinegar.

    think tim might like to
    try a nice shiraz for comparisome
    id suggest a yellow tail 06 and save the £1.50


    13 October 2007
  2. Marcus says:

    My wife and I bought this wine to go with our diner at the Hilton Hotel at Arundel. We enjoyed it so much we took the convenient peel of label tab away with us to see if we could get it at a supermarket or off licence. It goes without question that we paid significantly more than the £6.99 Sainsbury price. I’m off to buy a case now.

    26 May 2009
  3. Niki says:


    Anybody can advise me where to buy this wine please? I have been trying to get it since 6-7 months now and the only place I can find is in Hilton Hotel, but that’s a bit expensive. Is there any shop in London where I can take it home? This is my favorite wine! Please send me an email to

    9 January 2010
  4. Edward says:

    Niki, I don’t think it’s available in any UK supermarket at the moment. You can buy a case online though at or Corking Wines

    10 January 2010

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