2006 35 South Shiraz

Published: 30 December 2006


  1. Lauren says:

    I bought this wine recently and enjoyed it very much – though I paid just over £5 for it at Sainsbury. For this price it is a solid buy. Not as heavy or full bodied as many new world wines, the taste has something of the smoothness reminiscient of old world wines, while retaining a new world edginess. Light enough to drink with a lighter meal such as dips and salad but could also accompany heavier foods such as pasta. I wanted to sample something Argentinian as I am travelling there in a few months and I was not disappointed.

    17 April 2007
  2. Ciara says:

    Terrible wine!!! Full of chemicals, hangover awful!!!! Not worth £3!!!!!

    15 July 2011

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