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Dessert / Fortified

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Taste tags

acerbic, acidity, almond, aniseed, apple, apricot, aromatic, aromtic, banana, beefy, berry, big, biscuity, blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, bold, brioche, buttery, candied citrus-peel, caramel, casis, cassis, cedar, cherry, chocolate, chunky, citrus, clean, coffee, complex, concentrated, cranberry, creamy, creosote, crisp, crunchy, currant, damson, dark, delicate, delicioius, delicious, dense, dry, earthy, effervescent, elderflower, elegant, excellent, exotic, fat, fig, fine, floral, fragrant, fresh, fruit, fruity, full-bodied, gamey, ginger, gooseberry, gorgeous, grapefruit, grapey, grassy, greengage, hazelnut, herbal, herby, honey, honeyed, honeysuckle, inky, intense, juciy, juicy, leafy, leather, leathery, lemon, light, lime, lime-zest, liquorice, lively, lychee, mango, meaty, medium-bodied, medium-dry, medium-sweet, mellow, melon, mineral, mint, minty, modern, mouth-watering, mouthwatering, mulberry, nectarine, nettle, nutty, oak, off-dry, oily, orange, passion fruit, passionfruit, peach, pear, pepper, peppery, perfumed, petrol, pineapple, plum, prune, quality, quince, raisin, rapsberry, raspberry, red berry, redcurrant, red fruit, refreshing, rich, ripe, rose, rosehip, salty, sandalwood, savoury, scented, silky, smoky, smooth, soft, softy, sophisticated, spice, spicy, steely, stony, strawberry, structured, stylish, subtle, succulent, supple, sweet, tangy, tannin, tasty, textured, toasty, tobacco, toffe, toffee, tropical, truffle, unoaked, vanilla, velvet, verdant, vibrant, violet, walnut, warm, watermelon, waxt, waxy, youthful, zest, zingy