Loncomilla Carignan 2001

Published: 5 January 2008


  1. Ivor Simpson says:

    A good new world example of this varietal,good use of oak and intense fruit aromas dominate the nose,the problem with this grape is its harsh and bitter tannins and slighty green flavours, but I Still thought it a good wine.

    24 February 2008
  2. Dave H says:

    2001…good bit of maturity here…balance working out. Lovely raspberry and berry smell, filling the air, not just the nose.. Zinggy, gripping maturing fruit. Well made sound wine. Earthy and lovely. Fullish body, good depth. Buy again! Spicy and pepper hints. 4.5*stars…in fact a week later went back and bought another 6 but 30% off…even better bargain.

    28 February 2008

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