La Guardiense Falanghina Beneventano 2010 Italy

Published: 27 May 2011


  1. Rosemary Leech says:

    Not available at M & S in Eastbourne. Where can I get it?

    20 June 2011
  2. Edward says:

    Your best bet is to phone your local store – they can usually phone around for you to see if any nearby stores have it in stock. Here’s a list of stores in your area

    21 June 2011
  3. Graham Trundley says:

    I too am trying to locate this wine, but not found it in Beds or Bucks M & S stores, neither is it offered on their on line shop! Am getting very stubborn now!

    30 June 2011
  4. Ian says:

    Found this wine at Colchester M & S – was included in the meal for two deal for £10 – quite remarkable value!

    1 August 2011

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