Fairtrade Monteflores Reserve Malbec

Fairtrade Monteflores Reserve Malbec

Published: 18 November 2016

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  1. Pat Barden says:

    I recently opened a bottle of the Monteflores Reserve Malbec 2016 and found it undrinkable – it tasted like a cheap young wine with no body; my husband thought it was corked. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where it was purchased from; I live in Banstead Surrey and shop at M&S and Sainsburys Epsom but sometimes Asda and Waitrose so I’m really trying to remember where it was purchased from: then there are the are the franchises attached to garages. In future I’ll take more notice as I’m angry at having wasted @ 10 pounds on something undrinkable.I have been drinking red wine for about 20 years and Malbec since it became popular a few years ago.

    13 January 2018
  2. Jason Maguire says:

    I don’t mind it as a light malbec which is reasonably price from m&s.
    If you want a really decent wine I like one called ‘macho man’. Smooth and full of body priced at around £20

    31 May 2018

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