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Villa Manga Primitivo di Manduria 2010


Villa Magna Primitivo di Manduria 2008, Puglia, Italy


2007 Rosso di Puglia, IGT, Casa Girelli


2007 Rosso di Puglia


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almond, aniseed, apple, apricot, aromatic, beefy, biscuity, blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, brioche, buttery, cassis, cedar, cedary, cherry, chewy, chocolate, chunky, citrus, cocoa, coffee, complex, concentrated, cranberry, creamy, creosote, crisp, crunchy, damson, dark, deep, delicate, delicious, dry, earthy, elderflower, elegant, excellent, exotic, fat, fig, fine, floral, focused, fragrant, fresh, fruit, fruity, full-bodied, gamey, ginger, good, gooseberry, gorgeous, grapefruit, grapey, grassy, green pepper, herby, honeyed, honeysuckle, inky, intense, jammy, juicy, leafy, leathery, lemon, light, lime, liquorice, lively, lychee, mango, mature, meaty, medium-bodied, medium-dry, medium-sweet, mellow, melon, mineral, mint, minty, mouth-watering, mouthwatering, mulberry, nettle, nutty, oak, off-dry, orange, passion fruit, peach, pear, pepper, peppery, perfumed, pineapple, plum, prune, quince, raisin, raspberry, red-berry, red berry, redcurrant, refreshing, rich, ripe, rustic, salty, sandalwood, sappy, savoury, scented, seductive, silky, smoky, smooth, soft, softy, sophisticated, sourdough, spice, spicy, steely, stony, strawberry, structured, stylish, subtle, sumptuous, supple, sweet, tangerine, tangy, tannic, tannin, textured, toasty, tobacco, toffee, tropcial, tropical, truffle, unoaked, uplifting, vanilla, verdant, vibrant, violet, walnut, warm, watermelon, waxy, yeasty, zest