2007 Viña Ulmo Sauvignon Blanc, Valle Central

Published: 3 November 2007

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  1. Graham says:

    Having sold wine for over 14 years I was very impressed with Vina Ulmo Sauvignon Blanc.
    So much so It could be mistaken for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in both style and quality but without the £8+ price tag.
    If you can find it, Buy in a case as is often sells out at M&S.
    Bargain of the decade!

    2 May 2008
  2. Richard Wallace says:

    I have been enthusing (and drinking) this lovely wine for 6 years but recently have never been able to buy it in-store – is it still available or should I give up trying? I see that its out of stock on-line too. M&S …can you buy in bigger quantities?

    12 September 2008

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