Lidl Barolo 2012

Published: 29 October 2016


  1. Simon says:

    Very disappointing. Thin, vinegary, lacking body,depth and flavour. For a wine of this price I expected far more.

    1 January 2017
  2. Dan says:

    Hey Simon
    We are experiencing the same as yourself with this particular concoction of dare I say wine, your review was perfect! £9.99

    18 February 2017
  3. Brian Morrison says:

    I am always enthusiastic about Barolo and it is one of those classics that you can almost guarantee will bring a subtle calm to the palate . So imagine my shock at what can only be described as a sherry smelling water was poured into my glass.
    I was so disappointed I threw the bulk away so not to punish any one else with this imposter.
    I am aware that there was a year that this grape suffered at the hands of the elements, but I thought that was 2010 ( please correct if I’m wrong)
    My recommendation, go to M&S . Seriously poor research by your tasting team Lidl

    15 March 2017
  4. Norman Dennis says:

    I always look forward to opening a bottle of Barolo, but I must agree with the comments above, a very poor vintage.

    15 April 2017

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