Gál Tibor Egri Bikavér Titi, Eger, Hungary 2015

Published: 9 December 2016


  1. Bill Fletcher says:

    Following Williams’ review, I bought a bottle on 10 Jan ’17 from your King’s Lynn store.
    It was undrinkable. Sour. Acrid.
    Absolute rip off. At £5 for this bottle I’d still be saying the same.

    11 January 2017
  2. Richard Maynard Perry says:

    A real classy “winey” wine, not usually found in this price bracket, that holds it’s own and gives its best with food, not best appreciated drinking on its own or by those used to a £5 ‘fruit squash’ Shiraz – a great partner to blue cheeses and quality pate.

    15 December 2018

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