What is RSS?

Article date: 28 April 2006

What is RSS? You may have seen links to it on other web sites and wondered what it meant. It stands for Really Simple Syndication. It brings the latest news and information to you, rather you go searching for it.

There may be a lot of sites you would like to visit every day, but don’t have time. By subscribing to the feeds from your favourite web sites, their latest stories and articles come to your desktop without you having to go their actual sites.

You need a News or Feed Reader – a piece of software much like a web browser. Every time you find a site you want to subscribe to, all you have to do is copy the RSS link to your news reader. Right click or Ctrl click on the link and then select Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut. Then paste this link to your news reader. If you try to open the link, your browser will probably start to download an XML file. So remember to Right or Ctrl Click.

Try it with the Supermarket Wine RSS feed. Copy the link to your news reader and receive all the latest recommended wines to your desktop!

You can find out more from the BBC web site http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/help/3223484.stm
which also has links to news readers.