Supermarket Wine Guide

Article date: 17 October 2006

Under £5

  • Value-for-money

If you don’t want to spend more that £5, then any of these wines will make a good choice.

Under £10

  • Better quality
  • Characterful
  • Very drinkable

Wines in this price-bracket will (on-the-whole) be far better quality than wines under £5.

Over £10

  • High quality
  • Special occasion

Any wine over £10 will be something special.

Recommendations and Ratings

The wines listed on this site have been reviewed and recommended by experts in the national press. And they are meant for drinking now. Use the ‘read the review’ link to see the full review.

If you have an opinion on any of the wines, then leave a comment or give it a rating. You may disagree with these expert recommendations and want others to know why – or you may like a wine so much, you want others to try it.

Date listings

This site is all about listing the latest recommended wines. If you search this site, or go back through the archive you may find wines which are no longer available. If the date the wine was recommended is more than a few months old, you may not find it at your supermarket.

Not in stock?

Smaller supermarket stores may not stock some of the recommended wines listed on this site.

We can’t take responsibility for a wine not being in stock. If a wine listed on this site is not available at your supermarket, please let us know and we’ll mark it as only available at large stores or not available at all.


The price for each wine comes from its review. We try very hard to make sure that prices are accurate, however, we can’t guarantee that the prices on this site will be the same at your supermarket. If you find a price mis-match, please let us know and we’ll make the correction.


Some supermarkets receive more reviews than others. We hope that those supermarkets which don’t get reviewed very often will do their best to change this over the coming months.