Vanita Negroamaro 2016 Puglia

Published: 17 November 2017


  1. robert ramsey says:

    After a massive advertising campaign,why cannot I purchase my favourite wine at my local co op NR 78NW ,I know your working hard ,but it would be nice .give it a go. The wine is Vanita negroamaro ,,it’s not good when the staff denies all knowledge.loving you all help make my xmas. 105787657

    18 December 2017
  2. Peter greenwood says:

    The same at my local co-op in earby

    20 December 2017
  3. Graham White says:

    Tried seven Co-op stores locally. Not one stocked this wine and all staff were unaware of it!!

    20 December 2017
  4. Granville Stacey says:

    Bought last 2 bottles of Vanita Puglia Negroamaro at local Coop SY3. Good stuff! Hope they restock soon….

    9 December 2018

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