Marques de Valido Rioja Reserva 2008

Published: 23 March 2013


  1. Susan says:

    Marques de valido Rioja reserva 2008 is yummy. Does anyone know where I can buy some more ?

    27 August 2013
  2. amanda says:

    co-op has it on offer half price for £5.49. just had a glass and i am finding it so good i am looking it up!we had a bottle of another (very expensive!)red sent to us and i have not until now tasted anything like it..really good isn’t it?!!

    20 September 2013
  3. Magnus says:

    Vinegary, sharp and thin, then a slight oak and spice aftertaste. I hoped this would be rich, juicy and warm so I am deeply disappointment!

    Not even vaguely yummy or delicious!

    2 December 2013
  4. Jeep says:

    Must have been a poor (or poorly stored) bottle. try another, it is delicious..

    8 December 2013
  5. Redglenn says:

    Good fruit flavours and a little oaky (which I like) often on offer @ Co-op. excellent value at £5.49 or less than a fiver with member discount !

    17 December 2013
  6. Lee says:

    Opened up a bottle yesterday and it’s gorgeous!,

    18 January 2014
  7. pete says:

    Lovely smooth and fruity. Would love another bottle.

    3 February 2014

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