Hilltop Premium Pinot Grigio-Királyleányka

Published: 31 May 2014


  1. norma conway says:

    hello i read your review and decided to try this wine. for the money very good esp well chilled I bought it in Beadnell in the coop there.also in Seahouses Unfortunately i have been unable to buy it in Scotland.I have tried in at least 5 Co-op Can i order this?

    13 August 2014
  2. Elizabeth Lynn says:

    Where can I buy hilltop premium Pinot Grigio-kiralyeanyka in glasgow

    12 October 2014
  3. jacqui says:

    Also trying to buy Pinot Grigio-Kiralyeanyka in Glasgow if anyone know where to buy it.

    24 October 2014

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