2007 The Boulders Viognier, California

Published: 23 November 2008


  1. john bunkle says:

    I have tasted various vintages of this wine and never been dissapointed. The consistancy of each vintage is unsurpassed. Green gold in colour with a honeyed melon and apricot nose and a palate which is intense with fruit. Big in alcohol which gives good viscosity, Look for the legs after a swirl in your glass. Overall this is a fab wine at a fiver a bottle and any disserning lover or beginner of wine will enjoy as much as I do.

    6 February 2009
  2. Rita says:

    I agree. I have bought this wine many many times & it is consistently a far better than average wine. Superior for the price. However. ..I recently purchased a 2010 bottle from my local Co-op & it tastes sour. Almost like it its corked but I have subsequently had 3 our 4 more bottles & they are all the same? What has happened to this previously superior wine?

    13 January 2013
  3. Mike Fox says:

    I have been an aficionado of the Viognier grape since its resurgance over the past 10 – 15 years. There is no such thing as a bad Viognier wine – and some of the tinkering with blends has actually produced really excellent results – however, right up there with the best is the “Boulders” Viognier, lovingly produced in California and a delight to drink – try a bowl of Moules Mariniere with a half tumbler – you will be hooked!

    11 March 2018

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