2006 Lime Tree Merlot, South Eastern Australia

Published: 26 July 2008


  1. antoinette hart says:

    Trying to buy some more wonderful Lime Tree Merlot. Any ideas?

    31 October 2009
  2. K. Verrier says:

    I bought this wine recently, unfortunately my son and daughter could not enjoy it as they both have an allergy to dairy products (and Eggs, which are also) used in some wine fining processes)
    Off spring aged 30 and 28 by the way.

    16 August 2011
  3. sue says:

    Bought two bottles in Co-oP today (£4.29 each), pleasantly surprised, very fruity.

    20 November 2011

    We tried the Lime Tree Merlot a couple of days ago. We bou
    ght the wine at.our local Coop.
    In a word delicious. It went very well with our roast dinner.
    Deeeelicious and I absolutely recommended this wine

    23 September 2015
  5. sandy says:

    Co-op Lime Tree Merlot is listed as suitable for vegans – so no eggs/dairy used for fining.

    26 September 2016
  6. Paul Milner says:

    Omg, we bought a bottle of this and it was so sour and bitter. Neither of us enjoyed this wine and we wouldn’t recommend it at all. Managed to pour one glass which went the same way as the bottle, down the drain!!!!

    22 August 2017

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