What wines to have for Christmas Dinner?

Article date: 6 December 2009

Around about this time of year a lot of people are probably asking the same question: what wines should be on the table at Christmas? And if this site is about nothing else, it should exist to answer that question.

So here’s the first answer. Check out these articles by Jonathan Ray (The Daily Telegraph): Christmas 2009: wines that won’t break the bank, Where to buy your wine for Christmas and Christmas 2009: Jonathan Ray’s festive wine selection. Tim Atkin has also released his Forty fantastic wines for Christmas.

The second answer is let’s here from you. Let’s help each other out. If you’re after suggestions or you know what you’re having on the day, please post a comment. It would interesting to see if there’s anything like a consensus, or to find out who’s having the most unusual wines (and why).