We've finally added Lidl

Article date: 27 October 2014

Lidl Wine Cellar

Lidl is now part of Supermarketwine.com. A recent spate of recommendations meant it was no longer possible not to list the discount supermarket. That hadn’t always been the case. Aldi, the supermarket with which it draws the most direct comparisons, was included almost from the start in 2006. Many of its cut-price offerings were seen as real bargains by wine critics. Whereas in a whole year there would only be one or two wines from Lidl to get a review. That was until it hit upon its ‘claret offensive’ strategy this year, which grabbed the attention of every wine reviewer in the country. The addition of 46 new wines from France (not all from Bordeaux) even prompted the Daily Mail to ask ‘Could you tell Lidl’s £5.99 Claret from a £595 Grand Cru?’. And the answer seemed to be yes, if you were called Oz Clarke.

Lidl joins the desktop version of Supermarketwine.com first. It will be included in the Android and iOS apps shortly.


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