Two New App Updates

Article date: 16 January 2014

Two app updates are coming your way. The first (version 1.3.5) is already available. This is to be followed by another update (version 1.3.6) in the next few days (Android will be available before iOS because it takes Apple a few days to approve the app).

So why the two updates? Firstly, we’ve added thumbnails to each list view. Secondly there was an orientation bug on some devices, which meant you got a white screen if you started the app in landscape mode. And thirdly, we’ve had to quickly release a second update because the first one has a feature called Hydration turned on and we need to turn it off. Hydration is great for testing new releases on test devices, but it’s not a great user experience for normal users.

If you have views about the app and new updates, please use the comments section below or get in touch via the contact form


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