Supermarket Discounts "Not As Good As They Look"

Article date: 14 August 2006

It looks like a great offer. Wine at half-price. But the public is being duped, claims a top industry executive. According to The Guardian, Jean-Manuel Spriet – responsible for brands such as Jacob’s Creek in the Uk – has questioned the quality of half-price wines.

Read the full article from The Guardian

The issue of heavily discounted big brand wines goes to the heart of this web site. The reason that was set up was to help consumers find recommended wine at their local supermarket. By using this site, consumers can make a more informed choice, rather than simply being swayed by price promotions.

It is interesting to note that very very few big brand, half-price wines are ever recommended in the national press.

Wines listed on this site which were recommended at a discount price have been marked ‘discount recommendation’. To find out by how much a ‘discount recommendation’ wine was reduced, use the ‘read the review’ link.


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