Party wine to suit all budgets

Article date: 1 December 2010


Asda Portuguese Tinto, NV

  • £3.87 (Asda)
  • “there’s a surprising amount of character and intensity for the money” – David Williams (The Observer)

Chat-en-Oeuf 2009 IGP Pays D’Oc

  • £4.99 (Waitrose)
  • “a sublime wine offering splendid value” – Olly Smith (The Daily Mail)

Bardolino ‘Naiano’ 2009 Allegrini

  • £5.99 (Majestic)
  • a brilliant, food-friendly Italian red – ideal to have at arm’s reach for that moment when your guests fancy an extra bottle of vino with the cheeseboard.” – Olly Smith (The Daily Mail)

Château Lauduc Classic 2008 France

  • £8.49 (Oddbins)
  • “Fragrant, fresh and crisp, which is exactly what you need at this level. ” – Victoria Moore (The Daily Telegraph)


Asda Vin de Pays d’Oc Marsanne 2009

  • £3.98 (Asda)
  • “a groovy, peachy white – simple, crisp, award-winning, and a handy wine to have stashed in your fridge, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.” – Olly Smith (The Daily Mail)

Chat-en-Oeuf 2009 Pays d’Oc France

  • £4.99 (Waitrose)
  • “An unoaked, curvy, subtle, smooth blend based on grenache blanc that’s good for parties and everyday.” – Victoria Moore (The Daily Telegraph)

Clos d’Yvigne Princesse de Cleves Bergerac Sec 2008 France

  • £6.99 (Majestic)
  • “A glossy blend of sauvignon blanc, sémillon and muscadelle that has rounded edges and wintry weight but also refreshes with vivid, astringent stabs of grapefruit pith and dried lemons.” – Victoria Moore (The Daily Telegraph)

Paul Mas La Forge Marsanne 2009

  • £7.99
  • “a fragrant white wine with a flavour that reminds me of peaches and pineapples.” – Olly Smith (The Daily Mail)

Macon Lugny Domaine Terres Gentilles Tête de Cuvée 2009 France

  • £7.99 (Majestic)
  • “A delicate and unoaked white burgundy that has gentle power and touches of tangerine and white peach.” – Victoria Moore (The Daily Telegraph)


Tesco Brut Cava

  • £3.04 online (Tesco)
  • “For an all-round top fizz to pop at a moment’s notice without worrying whether your wallet will ignite, it’s tough to beat.” – Olly Smith (The Daily Mail)

Asda Extra Special Prosecco NV

  • £7.98 (Asda)
  • “fruity, frothy fun with tangerine and pear freshness” – Olly Smith (The Daily Mail)

Okhre Organic Cava Brut Nature, Spain NV

  • £9.99 (Marks and Spencer)
  • “Taut, refreshing, vivacious and very dry… Made without the use of the sugary solution known as dosage (which is added before the cork goes in at the end of the classic sparkling winemaking process), it’s a fine alternative to zero dosage Champagne.” – David Williams (The Observer)


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