Majestic's minimum order now six bottles

Article date: 21 September 2009

Majestic’s decision to drop its minimum order from twelve to six bottles has been widely commented on in the press. Tim Atkin (The Observer) says it remains to be seen if the revised model will work, “but for the casual wine drinker, especially those without cars, the initiative is a boon.”

Victoria Moore (The Guaridan) calls the move “nervy” although it’s great to be able to drop by and carry six bottles home.

More information can be found on Majestic’s blog: Majestic roll out new minimum purchase after successful trial.

Wine Uncorked

For anyone interested, most Majestic stores are offering free Wine Uncorked sessions, which give a 2-hour introduction to wine tasting.


  1. Argonaut says:

    Looking for recommendations for Christmas Dinner.
    Thinking of Tesco Langhorne Creek Verdelho for the first course … but undecided what to have with the Turkey.
    Some sites recommend a Merlot – others a Pinot Noir ?

    5 December 2009
  2. Edward says:

    I thought this would make an interesting blog entry, so I’ve written one: What wines to have for Christmas Dinner?. So if anyone has views on Langhorne Creek Verdelho and a red to go with Turkey, please get posting.

    7 December 2009

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