Buy this wine

Article date: 2 September 2007

Having added a better RSS service, we thought we would make it even easier to buy recommended wines. So we’ve added ‘buy this wine’ links.

Waitrose, Tesco & Majestic go first

To begin with these links only apply to Waitrose, Tesco and Majestic (and only those wines which are available on their web sites). Oddbins and Marks and Spencer will be added very soon have just been added and we also hope to add Sainsbury’s and Booths. Unfortunately we can’t add the rest because they don’t sell their wines online.

How it works

It’s easy. The ‘buy this wine’ button takes you to the supermarket’s web site. There’s no need to search. The link goes directly to the wine itself!

Minimum order

If you’re buying wine online from Waitrose or Tesco, there’s a minimum order of 6 bottles. From Majestic it’s 12 bottles. They do allow you to buy mixed cases, but you’ll need to refer to the help guides of each site for more details.

Matching years

Although we try very hard to make sure that the wine available to buy online is the same year as the wine we list, we can’t guarantee that the years will match. Sometimes the year isn’t listed on the supermarket’s web site.


The ‘buy this wine’ links are known as affiliate links. This means we receive a commission if a purchase is made using one of our links. However, this does not affect which wines are listed on this site. The wines come from the national press. Only wines which have been reviewed and given the thumbs up are included.

The whole point of this site is to make it easier to buy good wine from supermarkets.

We have no dealings with any supermarket or wine retailer. The links are tracked by a third party. We remain and always will remain an impartial service.