Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz - the alternatives

Article date: 18 June 2011

Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz

There’s a campaign underway to get Banrock Station Sparkling Shiraz back to these shores. It started here and has now moved to Facebook.

What’s all the fuss about, you might ask? The answer is that it’s a sparkling red wine (yes red fizz) from Australia that built up a dedicated following, but suddenly ended last year. And why it ended is a bit of mystery. The official line from Banrock Station is that it “was discontinued as a result of the supermarket chains de-listing this product, not due to quality, but due to low volumes going through their stores.” However, it’s not listed on their website and it seems some supermarkets have been telling their customers it’s a quality issue

Devotees of this wine aren’t easily swayed when it comes to alternatives, but for anyone who hasn’t tried sparkling red wine, here’s a list of recommendations.

Best of all, they’re fairly low in alcohol.