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Article date: 23 October 2006

Thanks very much to Richard Ehrlich, wine critic of the Independent on Sunday, for giving Supermarket Wine a great write up. Unfortunately, the story isn’t online yet – so no link.

Anyway, here’s a quote from the article:

There are two things I particularly love about the internet. One is the element of surprise: the way you find something good entirely by accident. The other thing is the opportunity it provides for someone with a small but good idea to publish useful information or provide a service that couldn’t exist in any other form. Both of these qualities were in evidence when I recently made the acquaintance of

Ehrlich suggests that the site should “include high-street chains such as Oddbins, Majestic and Threshers.” Unless there any major objections – and please speak up if you have any – then that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Meanwhile, let’s hope the Independent on Sunday post the article soon.

UPDATE 21.12.06: You can read the full article here


  1. Alan Howlett says:

    Please do include the likes of Majestic. With their free delivery and mix your own cases of value for money wines they are hard to beat.

    24 November 2006
  2. Edward says:

    Please do include the likes of Majestic.

    It’s in development and will be online very soon.

    27 November 2006

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