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Article date: 16 March 2007

More wine (shops) please

To make it even easier to pick up a good bottle from your local high street, we’re about to add another three big names to our shopping list – Majestic, Oddbins and Threshers.

Armchair appreciation

And if a trip to the shops isn’t what you had in mind, we’ll even do some of the legwork for you. Soon you’ll be able to click on a ‘Buy Now’ link that will send you direct to the online stores.

Port – it’s not just for Christmas

We’ll also be adding two new categories of wine: fortified wines (port, Madeira and sherry) and dessert wines. So dust off your decanters and search for Grandma’s sherry glasses.

Organic or Fairtrade?

You can have both. We’ll be adding a category for wines that have been certified as either.

A bit more body

We think it helps to know a little bit about wine, so we’ll be adding some background for the beginners, including guides to grapes, styles, etc. If you’d like to contribute articles to this section, we’d love to hear from you. You can use the contact form or leave a comment below, or send an email to


  1. Roy says:

    Tesco has a ‘Wine Festival’ on now.
    Lidl and Aldi stores offer some reasonable priced wines. What is their quality like?

    22 April 2007

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