2005 Cantina di Merlara Valpolicella Ripasso

Published: 28 September 2008


  1. Michelle says:

    I was only able to buy the 2006 version of this. I did not like it very much, and put the rest of it in my freezer for cooking purposes.

    23 December 2008
  2. Tim says:

    I could only get the 2006 version of this too, however, I found it very easy to drink, both on its own or with a meal. Unlike the Chianti Superiore from the same place, its got some depth to it, it’s very fruity. They’ve recently reduced it to 3.99 as well, for that price you can’t go far wrong.

    31 December 2008
  3. ellie says:

    beauiful wine, gorgeous with veal. it was dry and had a hint of cherries, just beautiful.

    26 December 2009

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