2003 Rioja Reserva, Ramon Lopez Murillo

Published: 5 October 2008


  1. Peter Rees says:

    Delicious and excellent value old style rioja.

    6 October 2008
  2. michael gallery says:

    ramon lopez murillo, rioja, reserva 2003,it tasted like vinegar—was i just unlucky? i am returning bottle to store. yours michael gallery

    13 December 2008
  3. Lawry Simm says:

    We had a bottle of this given to us, and found it was delicious. Did a web search to find out where to buy more and was astonished to find it was from Aldi and such good value. Tasted as good as Rioja’s that we pay £10-12 per bottle for.

    7 February 2009
  4. Kate says:

    Fantastic rioja…great value. Would definitely recommend!

    10 September 2009
  5. David says:

    Fantastic Rioja. We had it with a roast beef meal and everybody thought it was a delicous red wine. I bought it from ALDI £5.30ish. It is 13.5% vol a strong red. If I had bought 3 bottles the lot would of been drunk.

    14 September 2009

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